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GLO is attending the Elite Image International Hottest Model Competition

Our Agency will attend the Elite Image International Hottest Model Competition – We are seeking new faces!

Elite Image’s International Hottest Model Competition

************Live, Work and Party like a Model**********


Come Experience the World’s Largest Model Search





All models from fashion, plus-size to petit are welcomed!!!


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25 Finalist will be sponsored to compete.

The winning Model will win $25,000 Modeling jobs plus other prizes. Winners will be featured on the web site. Top 12 Models will appear in the International Model Calendar, advertisements and marketing material. All models will receive a professional Photo Shoot with hair and makeup included.


Models will travel from all over the world to compete.

National and International Publications will be in attendance as well as numerous casting companies, modeling agencies and fashion elite gurus from all over the world.

This event will absolutely add to your modeling career!


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You may register for as many categories to increase your chances to win.


Photographers, Casting Companies, Modeling Agencies, Designers, Magazines and Clients Connected to the Modeling Industry are Welcome


To attend and scout new models for upcoming projects


Everyone can come and join in the activities

Fashion Mogul Karen Slade of Elite Image International: Project Models

Fashion Mogul Karen Slade of Elite Image International: Project Models

I really enjoy working in the fashion and entertainment industry, I meet amazing people and travel a lot. I also meet many aspiring talents with questions on how they can get started in this business. I will answer the top three questions I am asked most often.

  1. Will attending modeling schools help me get started?


Attending a modeling or acting school could be helpful if you want to gain confidence and poise. However most classes are not taught by professional from the entertainment industry and a lot of what is taught is old information that will not help you get signed. If you want to get signed and paid work you will need to find a real model or acting coach and attend one of their workshops or classes. Because this business is constantly changing it would be best to choose someone who is actively in the fashion and entertainment industry not a “has been” that have worked in the business in years.


  1. What about shooting with different photographers?


Yes if the photographer is professional in a major fashion capital and you are shooting for an agency test shoot. However, many real professional photographers will not do a test shoot with an amateur model unless an agency refer you to them or if they feel you have a good look. If so the photographer will do a test shoot with you and submit you to an agency that they work closely with. Nevertheless a TFP on the other hand is mostly shot with amateur photographers that cannot usually capture what the agencies need to see. If you are a commercial or print model you can shoot with a professional commercial photographer to get photos that will make you look marketable to advertisement agencies that hire print models.


  1. Emailing pictures to agencies or clients directly for work?


Unless the agency or client request that you email your pictures to them that would not be a smart move. Your information may get spammed or trashed. If you are interested in working with an agent or client go to the company website and see if they have a submission guideline or their casting procedure.


Don’t you feel it is time to stop guessing and get real answers and a real plan?

Do you have directions to get to your goal?

Allow me and my many years of experience help you today.

All the best!

Karen Slade of Elite Image International

Brand and Image Consultant

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Karen Slade – Microsoft team up to raise awareness to combat Cyber stalking

Karen Slade – Microsoft team up to raise awareness to combat Cyber stalking

After letting go of an employee for business differences Karen Slade was stalked viciously by that employee. “I thought that she would just go away” expressed Karen Slade but the attacks became more vicious.  The disgruntle employee turn to the thing that would hurt Karen the most the internet. She went on a rampage from the time she was fired in October 2011 posting fake complaints on sites like and other complaint sites. She was calling Karen a scam and that she runs internet scams she went as far as building a website calling her a scam and emailing Karen’s client list links to the site. It took that employee only four months to ruin Karen Slade ten year business because many people believed what they would Google on the internet. Karen was eventually awarded a restraining order for stalking in January 2012 but the damage was already done. “I did everything to stop her by filing police reports and criminal complaints against her” explained Karen “But I was told the law has not caught up with the internet” I felt so hopeless.


After Karen Slade’s company Elite Image Group took a huge financial hit due to the lies posted on the internet Karen decided to one forgive her offender and fight for her company and her image. “I had to go back to work” said Karen, “I lost everything, my home, my business, and my health I was actually homeless”. “I was ashamed, I told no one even my family” Karen claimed. “I never knew in a million years someone I tried to help and enrich would just turn on me and ruin my life”. It is an uphill battle and still a work in progress for Karen but she vowed that she would not quit. “I have so many people that looked up to me and supported me and I could not let them down. I have so much good in me and I had to bounce back from this. Nevertheless, Karen knew she had a challenge.


Karen Slade team up with Microsoft to start a campaign and introduce legislation to combat cyber bulling and stalking. Microsoft has agreed to start in local markets to have workshops and programs in their stores to raise awareness to this community and social issue. “No one should be allowed to lie and defame a person or company and get away with it” expressed Karen. “I could have filed a deformation lawsuit but she had nothing and I would have been throwing good money after bad”. Laws need to be in place to protect people, their families, and businesses. More people should get involved in their communities to raise awareness. To get more involved contact Karen Slade at and your local leaders to help support legislation. “I will come back and be bigger because challenges like this builds character and make us who we are as a person”.

Article written by Stacey Charles – eHow contributor




Karen Slade – BET Rip the Runway

Karen Slade –  BET Rip the Runway

BET Rip the Runway was one of my thrilling experiences in show productions. Since I am the owner of Elite Image International I get outsourced to work on various productions. I was called by a former business associate that worked for Ground Crew to assist her with BET Rip the Runway castings, call backs, fittings and productions. Since I have a very crazy schedule I had to fly in on the day of the castings and hit the ground running. Once off the plane I headed over in my cab to the casting location. Once I arrive I see a line going around the corner of hopeful wanting to make the cut. We saw over 800 models. After that long day we start the selection process and call backs, which can go through the late hours of the night. Finally after 3:00 am I hit the bed only to have to wake at 5:00am to catch a train back to the location to start my day at 7:00 am. Once there I barely have a chance for a cup of coffee. I have to go into a production meeting with the team. This is one of three meetings daily to go over production details making sure to alert us of changes. After our meeting we break out to the fitting area to start sign in models for call backs and fittings. We have two castings one for the models and another for our celebrities. By now I have been assigned five interns to be my goffers because I cannot leave my area. I meet and set up the designers and tell the models where to sit until they are called. We stagger our call times in order to not get over whelmed. Designers want a certain look and sometimes they ask me to keep an eye on a certain look and walk that model back to them with no wait.  

I send one of my interns to get me food and vitamin water because the day is getting long and we are barely finished. I have to cool off hot heads because a lot of designers and models do not have the patience to deal with a massive production. The bad thing for them is we are making a mental note to not work with those models or designers next year.

Finally at 2:30 am we are getting kicked out by security because they have to lock up so we finish our work outside in the cold. Yes the cold it is February in New York. We are usually finished within 20 minutes but if not everyone will just call each other to wrap up details. I take my car service back to my room and call models and leave messages to models that were cut. I finish my calls around 3:30 4:00 am and then go to bed.

The next day is rehearsals. We have to line the models up on the right or left side on the stage. We set them up by designers. We have to show them how to walk using some style because it is a runway slash music production. This will go on for another two days then we are assigned our roles for the show. I was in charge of the left stage meaning everything on the left side of the stage the models, designers, hair and make team. I have to make I know where all 200 plus people are at all times and have my replacement staff nearby if needed.

The show starts that evening and is recorded to be aired the next day. I am glad I am not in charge of editing. This day the press come out we have a BET gifting suite for press, sponsors and VIP guest. About three hours later the show starts and moves very quickly but goes really well. After we pack up the backstage I got back to my room to change and get ready for the after party to celebrate our week and a successful show.

Karen Slade – Working Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Karen Slade – Working Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

I work many fashion shows every year but my favorite by far is the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  I feel electricity backstage, the atmosphere is truly amazing.  Being I am the owner of Elite Image International I get outsourced to work on various productions. I was hired through Ground Crew, my role is easy because I am an image consultant so it come nature creating style and piecing together wardrobe.  Working back stage with the Angels is really fun. We pop champagne, look at the outfits, check out the wings, the high heels and laugh. I always say “wow the things women do to look good for men”.  I worked with over 3 different Victoria’s Secret models but one of my favorites is Selita Ebanks. She is really down to earth and has such a good sense of humor.  But before the show there is so much I need to do to prepare and get ready.

I do not even look at a clock and lose my since of time. Why you may ask? On day one I am running and preparing for the press parties with the Models. This star-studded night includes A-list celebrities, musical performances and great food. The models host a meet and greet and it take hours to prepare for the night. Day two: Fittings. We have a fitting for everything a shoe fitting, bra, wings, and straps and so much more. Everything matters and this is an all day and sometime night process. If something is wrong we do not leave until it is right. Day three: Rehearsals. WE have to have at least 20 mock show rehearsal one with the models next with the performers and then the models and performers. This is very hectic but fun. I hear the song for the show at least 100 times. After the fashion show I may dream the songs for nearly two weeks. Day four: Press: Yes another press night as the show draws near, press will interview models and show organizers then the after party. This is cool because the models can lay back and be themselves. Final day five: Show time. The day of the show is very serious and no room for error. By now my feet no longer has feelings, my back hurts and I feel proud of all the work that we have accomplished. We have last minute prep and review the charts. My dressers start arriving and I have to make sure they are assigned a model to dress for the night. A lot of celebrities and press are showing up and some have an opportunity to come back stage. I have to leave out a lot of details due to contractual agreements but needless to say prep time is very serious.  

Showtime: The show is filmed and it moves really fast. It is over in less than 30 minutes over 100 out fits and 32 models later and the show is complete. We all celebrate pop champagne, kiss and hug each other for a job well done.

Karen Slade – Who is she?

Karen Slade – Who is she?

Karen Slade an international swimsuit model in Europe with over fifteen years’ experience in the modeling and fashion industry. She started modeling at the tender age of ten months for clients such as Fisher Price, Osh Kosh B’Gosh and many children catalogs and advertisements, from there she blossom to model in many editorials and print advertisement throughout the world. Karen, a visionary in the fashion industry and the original producer on National Model Boot Camp Weekend, gives inspiring models a real taste of the modeling industry. Which many believed inspired the reality show America’s Next Top Model, produced by Tyra Banks. Among her many accomplishments she founded Elite Image total imaging and brand management, with the ideal of having a positive image and knowledge of the fashion and entertainment industry. Now Elite Image International is one of the nation’s leading image consultant firms.

Karen Slade has had the honor to work over 200 Runway Shows for the Victoria’s Secret and Mercedes Benz Fashion week in New York, Milan and Paris as Lead Stylist for designers such as Vera Wang, Michael Kors, Richard Chai, and Rad Hourani just to name a few. In addition to her runway work Karen has also assist as an art director or coordinator with various fashion editors with Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Clinique, Revlon, Style, Ocean Style Magazine, Black Men Magazine, Maybe line, 3 Vodka, Nuvo, Jezebel Magazine and BET Rip the Runway. She helped many models get placed with numerous modeling agencies, casting companies for major advertisement campaigns, music videos and movies.

One of Karen’s largest highlights every year is the Elite Image’s International Hottest Model Competition and The iHeart Model and Talent EXPO hosted in upscale resorts in exotic locations around the world. She started this competition to give inspiring models a chance to experience life as a model for a week. Model enjoys industry parties, photo shoots on the beach and network with some of the largest celebrities, clients, industry professionals and talent agencies in the modeling industry. In short, Karen Slade and her image consultant and brand management firm have helped to develop many to be above industry standards. “You never have a second chance to make a first good impression”


Contact: Karen Slade

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Karen Slade – Models Definitions of scam by Elite Image International

Karen Slade – Models Definitions of scam by Elite Image International

What is a scam? The definition of scam is: “A fraudulent business scheme; a swindle.”

The definition is swindle is: “To cheat or defraud of money or property. To obtain by fraudulent means.”

Fraudulent means “engaging in fraud; deceitful” or “using fraud; tricky; deceitful; dishonest.” It also means “intended to deceive.”

The definition of fraud is: “A deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain. A piece of trickery; a trick. One that defrauds; a cheat. One who assumes a false pose; an impostor.”

Also: “Deception deliberately practiced with a view to gaining an unlawful or unfair advantage; artifice by which the right or interest of another is injured; injurious stratagem; deceit; trick. An intentional perversion of truth for the purpose of obtaining some valuable thing or promise from another. A trap or snare.”

Synonyms for fraudulent include: “deceitful; fraudful; guileful; crafty; wily; cunning; subtle; deceiving; cheating; deceptive; insidious; treacherous; dishonest; designing; unfair.”

Synonyms for fraud include: “Deception; deceit; guile; craft; wile; sham; strife; circumvention; stratagem; trick; imposition; cheat.”

A person who is a fraud is “a person who makes deceitful pretenses.”

A modeling scam is a scam against aspiring models or models, or a scam in the modeling industry.

There are different kinds and different degrees of modeling scams. Some will claim one company is a modeling scam, while others will say it is not a modeling scam. The confusion or difference of opinion can result from the fact the firm is not an absolute scam.

An absolute scam is a scam where nobody benefits. This type of scam does not usually last for very long because it results in a high number of complaints and extreme reactions. It becomes clear to everyone, including the authorities, it is an absolute scam.

Most modeling scams are not absolute scams. There are success stories. Some people do benefit. Just because a company is not an absolute scam, however, does not prove it is not a scam.

If people are deceived, misled, and cheated in a financial scheme, either by what is said or by what is not said, by what is done or not done, it is a scam.

A huge scam is a scam where many people are affected and or a large amount of money is lost.

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Karen Slade – Top 10 Reasons Why People Fall for Modeling Scams

Karen Slade – Top 10 Reasons Why People Fall for Modeling Scams

The following list is based on news stories, court documents, BBB records, leadership statements, books, and hundreds of complaint letters.

1. Ignorance about modeling industry.

2. Ignorance about modeling scams.

3. Ignorance about modeling company.

4. Lack of research.

5. Failure to shop around.

6. Failure to identify conflict of interest.

7. Quick or emotional decisions.

8. Trusting strangers with money.

9. Not being aggressive/assertive.

10. Not trusting your intuition.

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Karen Slade – eHow Contributor interviewed Creator Elite Image International

Karen Slade – eHow Contributor interviewed Creator Elite Image International

How to avoid Modeling Scams avoid Modeling Scams

The modeling industry is filled with people who will try and scam aspiring models. They will try to fill your head up with empty promises and at the same time will try to take your money. There are key things to be aware of in order to avoid modeling scams. Below you will learn about: Modeling scams with upfront fees, modeling scams with fake modeling agencies, modeling scams with modeling searches, modeling scams with photographers. Learn how to avoid modeling scams below:


        No Modeling should charge you and upfront fee for representation. A modeling agency may ask you to pay for your photos, comp cards or to be placed on the agency website. Other than that, you should not have to pay a modeling agency just to get representation from them.


        Be careful of Modeling Scout Scams. Model Scout scams are when “Regular” people are paid a commission to find aspiring models or just people on the street that don’t even look like models and trick them by telling them look like a model or can make lots of money by working as a model if they sign up or register with a modeling company or network. The “fake” model scout’s goal is to get the person to sign up for any number of things which will cost the aspiring model hundreds or even thousands of dollars.


        You will hear of model searches on the radio or TV, where a company is having a nationwide model search. When you attend the FREE model search at a hotel, you will end up getting “selected” as one of their model search participants. Once you are selected, one of the model search representatives will tell you it costs thousands of dollars to attend the big model search where there will be Top Modeling Agencies there. The model search scam is huge and you have to be extremely careful. There are only a few that MAY be legitimate. Do your research first before attending a Model Search that is held at a hotel.


        Don’t get fooled by the photography scams that modeling agencies or companies try to do. If a modeling agency or company says they are interested in working with you but you need to shoot with their test photographer first and it will cost you. Legitimate agencies will provide you with a list of photographers that you may go to on your own. Some agency may even have a list on their website or may have photographers’ business cards in their office that you can take. As a model, you have the right to go to any photographer you want. An agency may make a suggestion but not “require” you to go to a specific photographer.


        Learn how to be a model without getting scammed. Check out the free modeling tips and advice at and